About Soothing Scents - The suppliers of proven herbal remedies to target sickness

About us

As one of the leading innovators in portable essential oil delivery systems, Soothing Scents is dedicated to providing the safest, most effective essential oil blends in the most technologically advanced containers on the market.

We are passionately committed to making the best products possible. With unfailing attention to detail and continual innovation & development, we take pride in our commitment to providing the most effective essential oil blends with the most efficient delivery method.

Soothing Scents was originally started by sister and brother, Wendy & Roy Nichols who wanted to develop natural remedies to treat nausea, one of anaesthesia’s more common and distressing side effects. This prompted the search for a product that had the following characteristics:

  • - Immediately effective
  • - Safe
  • - Easily self-administered

Our history

This ideal product had to be in a delivery system that was useable in the operating room all the way to discharge.

After researching essential oil therapy, there was compelling scientific evidence to suggest four essential oils as beneficial in the treatment of nausea: lavender, ginger, peppermint and spearmint. Wendy felt strongly about the potential benefit of this type of therapy to develop the first product QueaseEASE an aromatic blend of pure essential oils that provides a safe, fast, portable, all-natural effective treatment for post-operative nausea associated with anaesthesia.

The product became very popular with travellers, boaters, mums-to-be, and patients undergoing chemotherapy. This led to the development of additional products and delivery methods to assist in specific areas, such as mums to be and sufferers of travel sickness.

Soothing Scents The company that brings you QueaseEASE and the ‘2’ brands

Our products are all natural and drug free, consisting of a unique blend of pure essential oils. They have all been formulated to calm the queaseiness associated with surgery, anaesthesia, travel sickness, morning sickness and chemotherapy related nausea.